Sunday, August 1, 2010

Renewed, Relaxed, Rejuvinated

       Sorry for my absence! I hope you all will forgive me. I am back now and better then ever. I had some unexpected blessings happen in my life and I needed some personal time to readjust and take them all in. I think we all have been there before at one point in time.
       I have spent a lot of time thinking about where I would like to go with my blog. I think some beautiful ideas have come to fruition. To give you a sneak peak....
             ♥ Starting tomorrow I will be doing thirty days of abs and posting my
                 progress. My dear friend is a trainer and has set this up for me.
                 The idea is the most amount of definition in a short amount of time.
             ♥ monthly sewing project(s)
             ♥ daily style post (school permitting)
             ♥ fantastic DIY's (tons and tons of ideas ladies!!!)
             ♥ Weekly recipes or out and about post
       I am very excited about all of this. I want to assure you that I am dedicated to committing to this! Check back in too see more!


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