Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday Scores

So on Saturday my wonderful bf took me to do a little shopping and to see a movie. He is so good to me. We went and saw The Blind Side. It was an amazing movie. Definitely tops my favorite movies list. Sandra Bullock did an amazing mom and she looked uncannily like the real mom. We both really liked it. I will definitely buy it as soon as it comes out. It was one of those movies that made you smile inside and out. Before we went and saw the movie we did a little shopping. We did more window shopping then anything, but we did manage to find a few items on sale. The boy got some great jeans, a purple polo, a button down shirt, and a awesome tee that says "check out my stimulus package". It is very his style. He likes shirts with funny sayings. They fit him well. All of his finds cost him next to nothing from American Eagle.

I picked up....

( A sparkle dress from Image for $20, leggings with a sequin strip down the sides $8 (50% off) and a one shoulder top with embellishment ($12) from forever 21)

Here is a close up of the detail on the shoulder...

I really like it. It is dressy and sexy in a casual way. I cannot wait to start sharing outfit post. I have so many ideas. I also hope to make a couple of necklaces before the trip, which I will share. I want to try and make a chain necklace and a studded bid necklace. Also, maybe a large crystal pendant necklace. But that may be too ambitious :)

Over the next couple days I am going to share the way I organize my accessories (jewelry, scarves, etc...) I do not have a lot of room in my house, so I had to get creative to make it work. I will be interested to hear what you think :) I wish you all a wonderful night!

Make-up Madness

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. Mine was full of lots of families, food, and pie. Who could ask for anything more?

So like I mentioned before I am going out of town for Christmas and will be away from my parents for the first time ever on a holiday. This event is causing my mother to rain Christmas present down on me and early, because she wants to me to have everything I need for my trip. A girl cannot complain about this. Not only is my mother an exquisite, awesome mom, but she has fairly amazing taste. So I thought I would share the goodies as they came. This weekends goodies were all in the form of make-up. I am now set for life in the eye shadow department....or at least the next year LOL :)

Goodie box one contained.........
12 MAC pigment eye shadows
(from left to right...cream cocoa,sand, pink pearl, swirl, passionate, rate r, aquadisiac, electric eel, nocturnelle, parfait armour, grey, monte black)


And a bonus lip gloss :)

( It is the most gorgeous understated shade of pink, with a divine sweet tart taste and smell)
Package number two contained.......
A ton of MAC hello kitty products.

  ( two 12 palettes, a 9 palette, a 8 palette, a 5 palette, a single (not shown because I left it at the bf house, its a shimmery swirl pink), and two lip glasses. )
                      I am in love with the pink lipglass, its very me. The eyeshadow not pictured is a perfect shimmery pink. It was exactly what I was looking for, my mom can read minds :)
I will probably share one of the eye palettes and the dark lipglass with my mom, since she was so giving to me it would be nice to give a little back. I am not sure how big she is on glitter though.
Package number three contained.....
Smashbox and hardcandy products

( blush is bella by smashbox, eye shadow quad in allure also by smashbox, and a hard candy fortune telling lipgloss in blackberry)

The lip gloss is wonderfully transparent while adding color and plumping your lips a little. I have not tried the blush yet but wanted to try a new one (again my mom is a mind reader). Right now I use smashbox o-glow and it is astounding. It is very easy to apply and turns the most natural shade of pink.
I have no idea what I will do with all the shades of eye shadow, any suggestions?
I give a big THANK YOU to my mom. She again went above and beyond. I got her a ton of clothes from JCPenny. So hopefully she will feel equally as blessed :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Current Obsession: Fringe Vest

Current Obsession: Fringe Vest

I really like the look of fringe vest. I picture them with a dark pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt with ankle boots. I cannot decide if I like the longer look or the shorter look.


Atomic Fringe Vest - $288.00

A shorter version.
Picture from the examiner.

Black vest by Style Scrapbook

I really like the flowy edgyness of the fringe vest. I could see a shorter style not only paired with skinny jeans but also a dress. It would add edge to floral or dainty number. I have an off the shoulder dress that I think a black dress would look killer with. I like the suede and jersey versions becuase they do not remind me quite as much as a biker vest.
Here are some versions I am looking at...

twostringjane @ etsy ($43.00)

Bebe Fringe Vest ($29.99)

YESSTYLE Lunaris Feux Suede Fringe Vest ($28.99)

ASOS Femme Fringe Knit Waistcoat ($32.29)

I am really leaning towars either the etsy vest or the bebe vest. I think the YESSTYLE vest own its own certin charm. What do you think?
I really need to get out of the christmas buying spirit before I go broke ☺

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Early Christmas

Early Christmas

I am not going to be here for Christmas, first time ever I will not be with my family. I am going to Wisconsin to meet all the bf family. So my mom is going a little overboard on the early Christmas gifts. I am definitely a mama and daddy’s girl, if that is possible. I call my mom a bizzilion times a day. Wisconsin will definitely be a learning experience since I have never been away from my animals or my parents for this long. Enough about my anxiety though, I would like to share some of the great scores my mom got me. She has great taste, I got very lucky to have a mom like her.

Side note: I get to do a bunch of vintage and thrift shopping on the way to WI and on the way back. The bf’s mom is a genius thrift shopper, so I am definitely excited to see her approach. I will share my finds along the way ☺

Since some of the items have not come yet so I will post pictures when they do. My mom is a genius when it comes to fashion and spoiling her daughter. I am so glad I am an only child!

On Monday my mom asked me to meet her at DSW where she got me ( the straightner was a trip next door to ulta)

1) a pair of thight high boots
2) a pair of snow boots so my feet wont get cold in WI. ( I will take a better picture of these)
She had also previously ordered me a pair of black boots from VS. They just barley come over my knee. Here is a picture of both the knee high and the thigh high.

( I have not decided if I am going to keep the VS boots yet or not...I already have a pair of mid calf black boots, these do look really cute scrunched though)
Here is a picture of the knee highs turned down with the bottom half of my dress for an upcoming wedding

( I promise to update this post with better pictures soon, these were taken from my blackberry)
I was excited about all the new shoes, which would be enough for any girl for chistmas. However my mom countinues with the madness.
She ordered me a pair of bootcute Joe's Jeans. (For thoose of you who have not tried Joe's Jeans, I suggest you do. They are incredibly comfortable and do not loose their shape in between washes.) The whole line of discontinued Hello Kitty collection from MAC. 12 pigmated eyeshadows from MAC. Some demin leggings and tops from JCPenny. Two Lauren Moshi tees ( again for anyone who has not tried Lauren Moshi on I suggest you do, she makes the worlds most comfortable t-shirt. You can find them pretty cheap on ebay.). An ivory wrap sweater. And my favorite....MATTE nailpolish. I can not wait for everything to arrive for me to show you.
I am not so sure how I feel about this whole denim legging thing...
Jen loves Kev posted about them here.
Fabsugar posted about them here .
And The Budget Babe posted about them here.
My mom got me this pair from JCPenny in the dark wash.

I am hoping that they are like really comfortable skinny jeans. I for some reason could not get these pictures side by side. They should be here soon and I will share my thoughts then ☺

Happy thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Today I would like to share what I am thankful for….
1)My amazing boyfriend….even though he wakes me up early to watch football :)
2)My mom…who goes out of her way to make the stuffing the way I like it.
3)My dad for his unnecessary commentary
4)My dog….for her unconditional love and all the amusement she provides.

5)My friends….who amaze me everyday

6)All the good food that will be eaten today!

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Rest up because tomorrow is black Friday. I am only going to go to Khol’s . That’s all the crazyness I can handle for one day.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So EXCITED for this new start!

Okay first and for most I would like to apologize for me absence. Life as a upper classmen has been way to crazy. I transferred from a public university to a private one and the workload has been a drastic change, so it took a little getting used to. I think I will survive and come out at an even kill, not where I would have liked, but it was a learning experience for next semester. I defiantly will be better prepared!

On a different note, I have been debating whether or not if I wanted to change the focus of this blog to also include fashion post. This is something I would really like to do, but am a little self conscious. I am working on getting over it and am anticipation adding daily style post soon.
I would like to share my favorite style bloggers with you; these girls are truly amazing and inspiring.

Adored Austin -Indiana is defiantly one of my top favorites. She is hilarious and has amazing style. Her style is truly inspiring and I love the way she shows you and challenge you to use the everyday in a new manner. Her use of belts and purse straps as necklace is absolutely genius. She has really amazing variety of content. She is most definitely not a one trick pony…I don’t know what the opposite of a one trick pony would be but she would be it….maybe a My Little Pony?? Indiana addresses life as something to accessorize and enjoy and I LOVE that!

Jen Loves Kev -I have to vote Jen the cutest blogger on the planet! Her style is so elegantly casual. I love the way she puts the unexpected together. She inspires me hit the vintage racks and over look any minor details that can be fixed. She looks amazing every day and does not spend a fortune on it. She is GENUIS in my opinion. Enough said  She also shares delicious recipes, a few of which I have tried. She also makes amazing brooches and jewelry. I look forward to her updating her etsy shop so I can snatch up some of the cuteness. I also really admire her dedication to fashion, her job and her life.

Blue Collar Catwalk - This was the first fashion blog I saved to my favorites. I love her style and how she recreates new ways to wear things. She gives me such great ideas to make the pieces I already own look new. Her style has a definite casual perfection going on which can be hard to achieve. She has just started sharing her husband’s ugly sweater series which I LOVE! It is awesome. Her blog post are always fun and make me smile. I really look forward to seeing what she puts together each day.

The Budget Babe - She offers cheap finds and dress by numbers. I cannot tell you how many great deal I have gotten because of her. Her dress by numbers are always inspiring a feature low cost options to the celebs more expensive choices. Sometimes I feel like she is reading my mind because I will get on and she will have a budget friendly version of a piece I have been wanting for a while.

Style Sophisticate -I found Tiffany through the America’s Most Stylish Blogger Challenge on Bluefly. She is amazing. I want to own every pair of her shoes. She could defiantly dress me every day and I would not mind at all. She never posses in the same way and puts a lot of effort into her photo sessions. I am obsessed with the way she mixed a fur vest with a bright purple dress. The length of the vest mixed with the vividness of the dress. Genius!

Orchid Grey - She is perfection. Her hair is perfection. Her style is eclectic perfection. I want to live in her closet. I love her hair. It is AMAZING! She mixes color and patterns effortlessly. I totally stole the idea to belt scarves from her, and I love it.