Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 for 30 1-4-11

Today was a little stressful. I got some really bad news. I think out justice system is really perverse, people do bad things to you and the prosecution system only goes after the one that did the "bader" thing. Their words not mine. That is so frustrating. I was trying not to feel victimized but that is really hard. So frustrated. I was in the worst mood after I heard all this, but someone near and dear to me put a smile on my face and  heart! Again sorry for the picture vomit. My dog made a cameo and I needed to show off her fantasticness and cuteness.

Where: Meeting and errands
What: Top-F21
Jeans- AG
Cuff-Vintage from a dear friend
Blazer- Ralph Lauren (borrowed from my mom)
Boots- White Mountain (DSW)

I love the way the boots and blazer looked together! Today is ending in smiles so that makes it a good one :)
A giveaway is coming your way so stay tuned!

9 of 30 1-3-11

I am really enjoying 2011. So far it has been nothing but relaxation and good times. I have high hopes that this year will be a rebound from 2010. Again I apologize for the picture vomit. I just feel like sharing with you guys :)

Where: Dinner and a night of Wii festivities
What: top- New York and Company
Boots- Nine West
Scarf- Target

I really love my replacement jeans. They make me feel fantastic. Again grateful for the little things :)

8 for 30 1-2-11

What an end too 2010. I finally recovered from my face being all bruised, to get an infection in my sinuses, eye, and mucus membranes. I finally am all recovered from that and am back to having a normal face. Just in time for 2011!!! I went back and forth on completing the 30 for 30. I think I will feel better about myself and feel accomplished if I finish. I will finish on my birthday, how apt!! I LOVED this outfit, so excuse the vomit of pictures. It was really hard to narrow it down.

Where: Dinner and a movie!!
What: Top- express
Skirt- f21
belt- given to be by my mom (used to be hers, she has great style)

I love the way the shape of this outfit came out. I also did my hair which is something I do not normally do. I think I now have a huge crush on hot rollers. I love the way my hair bounced as I walked. Joy in the little things :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Modern Decor

Hey guys,
I am redoing my guest room and have been loving the selection at modern decor.

The guest room is going to be vibrant darker green with a white and or pink couch. I have really been loving their selection over there. I am a huge pillow freak and they have tons to offer, as well as mirrors and clocks. I mean really how amazing is that dachshund clock?? Here are my coveted items so far....