Monday, August 23, 2010

Knight of Style-Memphis day 5

I skipped day four because we were having some alone time in the room and then rushed around to get ready and go to Franklin and the wine trail. The Favorite was such a good sport when we went shopping in Franklin. It was the cutest little town ever Somewhere we could see ourselves living. Day Five was in Memphis. I wore a dress bought the day before. I am going to take this time to talk about my body and how I feel about it. I feel like my body is strong, but huge, I have body dysmorphic disorder. I see this girl, especially in the outfit I wore today, and while i felt pretty in it, looking at the picture i just felt like a HOUSE. I did not follow a diet or workout on vacation which probably contributed to this feeling. I know the only way to overcome Body Dysmorphic disorder is to work to be okay with yourself. I dealt with eating disorders in both forms and have vowed never to go that route again. These picture sure did not make me like myself. I feel as if I have cellulite all over my body, and the picture are about to follow just did not help with that feeling. I want to be okay with myself, I want to feel like I am beautiful and that my insides match my outsides. To do this I am restarting my thirty days of abs, I am getting back on the right track of what i put into my body (which is not that hard) after vacation. I am hitting the reset button in hopes i never have to see another picture like this again. So without further ado, here are the awful pictures....

Where: Memphis Zoo and a BBQ tour
What: Dress-Firefly
Ring-What's In store
(Both bought in Nashville)
Flops-Old Navy
Purse-Old Navy
I HATE these pictures. I will get the dress tailored so that it fits better on the top. That was my train of thought when i both it. The details on it and price made it to hard to pass up. I really do love this dress and I love the way it made me feel while i was wearing it, just don't like the way I came across in these pictures. I normally feel confident and just did not once i saw these. Again I will not let these get me down, I will just do something about it. That being said...This guy makes me feel like a million...even on the days i do not want too.

Thanks for that Babe.

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