Monday, August 23, 2010

Knight of Style- Work Version- 8-23-10

Working for my boss today. Her kiddo is fun but has a very on task imagination, he dreams something up and he wants to play it the whole day! Which is always trying, as my attention span is, sadly, not near as long as his. Since I am a nanny what I wear to work needs to be appropriate, washable, easy to move, and puke proof lol. Since I was at my bosses ( the person who runs the service I work for) it needed to be super appropriate and pink (our services color).

Where: Work
What:Top- J.Crew
Tank-Victoria Secret
Bracelet-Vintage (mommy)

I was super hot and frustrated by the time I got home to take these. It was hot outside (106), hot in my house, took my an hour and a half to take what should have been a 15 min trip home, and I was very ready to be home. So I tried my best to grin a bear it...but this is was my actual mood...

Nothing fixes a bad day like a good glass of red wine! Courtesy of Keg Springs in Nashville. I like this shirt, it has a little interest to it but is still a tee, and at the end of the day I am a tee shirt and jeans/ shorts kind of girl. Stay tuned for my Nashville buy and finds a long with vacation photos and a recap of the BBQ tour.

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