Monday, September 19, 2011

Missoni For Target

I got to target a little after 8:30, which is bright and early for me, and by that time the store was already cleared out. With all the hype target did for this release you would think they would have been stocked appropriately. From what I could see the women's line was disappointing, there was no men's clothing left and the kid's line was ADORABLE. I was blessed my target still had a bunch of shoes left, in odd sizes but plenty left.

Women's line (what was left):

This was all that was left 30 mins after opening. I was not mesmerized with anything I saw.


The boots went home with me in a size that fit. They also had some flats left in size 11 and 12 but I cannot get the picture to load.


The kids line had plenty left. They were so adorable! If i had kids they would totally be sporting the cute coat and orange ensemble. 

Home Good's:

There was also some bedding and vases but again I am having problem uploading the pictures. I was not thrilled with any of what was left in the home goods department. The bedding all seemed very dorm roomesque. 

Needless to say I was not thrilled with what I saw, I am sure that some of the items had their charm. Target should have been more prepared and stocked for this lines release. I am a little disappointed, but still have my love affair with target :)


Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Trends

I will admit that Fall and Winter are my least favorite seasons. I am a sucker for the warm weather and the sun, my heart resides in Spring and Summer. Every time the cold weather comes I resort to the same old drab colors, which may have something to do with my lackluster attitude for these seasons.  This year I shall break that trend. I am going to keep my wardrobe fresh with these Fall Trends…..

Bright Colors:

Joes Jeans Virtual Pink                     Joes Jeans Emerald

J Brand Dusty Rose

         Anna Sui

       Jay Godfrey
Emerson Thorpe Solid Tassels Dress in Many ColorsImage 1 of ASOS Silk Shift Dress in Color Block  Naven Oversized Crop Blouse in Many Colors

  Emerson Thorpe                        ASOS                             Naven


    Rachel Roy Leather Yoke Dress
        Nordstrom                        Gap                               Rachel Roy

                   L Clothes                                Planet Blue

Traveling Rodeo Plaid Dress Tiered Plaid Ruffle Skirt - Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Skirts -  
       Free People                    Ralph Lauren           White House Black Market
Rails Kendra Button Down Shirt in Red Plaid Heartloom Plaid Katy ShirtPerfect popover in herringbone plaid
           Ralis                          Heirloom                             J.Crew

          Forever 21                                    ASOS                              Nordstrom

     ASOS                                                    Whitney Eve                                            ASOS 

        Moschino                                 Forever 21                       Bec and Bridge


These bright colors and up beat prints are sure to keep smiles on my face regardless of the bleak weather and decreasing temps!!!

A note about my absence: I had great plans for this blog, than I was involved in an incident that needed me to keep my personal light and myself in a very private light. I am glad to say that I no longer have to do this. All the plans I had for this have had to time to grow and flourish and I look forward to sharing them all with you. I have never been so happy to be back at blogging. It is something I truly enjoy. Stay tuned for more and no more absences. 


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 for 30 1-4-11

Today was a little stressful. I got some really bad news. I think out justice system is really perverse, people do bad things to you and the prosecution system only goes after the one that did the "bader" thing. Their words not mine. That is so frustrating. I was trying not to feel victimized but that is really hard. So frustrated. I was in the worst mood after I heard all this, but someone near and dear to me put a smile on my face and  heart! Again sorry for the picture vomit. My dog made a cameo and I needed to show off her fantasticness and cuteness.

Where: Meeting and errands
What: Top-F21
Jeans- AG
Cuff-Vintage from a dear friend
Blazer- Ralph Lauren (borrowed from my mom)
Boots- White Mountain (DSW)

I love the way the boots and blazer looked together! Today is ending in smiles so that makes it a good one :)
A giveaway is coming your way so stay tuned!