Thursday, February 21, 2008

Craft Night!

Tonight is craft night so stay tuned.

Quick Recap of my week-
My computer was submerged in water and returned (Yay for Toshiba!!! I love them). SIDE NOTE: Toshiba recieved/fixed/shipped my computer back to me all in one day!
Then the next day I was at the gas station (parked) and the persone parked next to me hit my car! Anyways my computer is no reading my camera so I will ix it and post pictures later!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Still freaking sick!

I am still sick. I had to call my mom in to cover my shift at work today. I felt so bad for callin her. I have some pictures to upload but to make a long story reall laptop took at bath in water ( boooo!!!!) and they did not reinstall my camera software. I will get the problem fixed though! I am feeling better tonight! My significant other has been taking good care of me :0)
Anyways I am going to do a I wish for list and also post some other things tonight ( it is lazy rest night)



Avon: Anew Clinical Advanced Dermabrason System- It is a at home dose of conditiones and polishers. You start on level one and work your way up. Avon is really good to my sensitive skin so yay for this product! I am a exfoliater junky....anything that will make my sking appear to glow more and I am all for it!

2) Bare Escentuals: Starter Kit

I have heard nothing but good things about them! And they are supposed to benifit your skin more than regular make-up. ( I think maybe maybeline is coming out with mineral make-up to now.

3) Nars: The Multiple (in Orgasm)- Just trust me and try this product! It is amazing on everyone and everything!


1) Coach Bangles: I love them! I think they are elgant and classic!

2) Keds Hi-Wedges: I think they are an amazing! I love peep tow shoes!

3) Coach Hampton and Carriage Scraves: Need I say more. Would make any outfit look chich!

4)Victoria Secrets Dresses! I love the green flowy one, effortlessly amazing! The detaling on the black dress is tres cute!

5) A back belted top (also by victora secrets) I think the backy is a very sexy part to show off.

Hope this entertained you untill I can fix the camera problbem.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am alive!!! Yay!!!

After a very long battle with the stomach bug that has been going around! I am victorious and back to my old self ( well almost)!!! Tonight I am going to make something yummy and very good on these cold days! I am also going to do some v-day crafting! Talk to you later!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Very Sick!

I am very ill. I think this is the worst illness I have ever had. I had to go to the student health center on friday and they finaly gave me some medicine so I would not be living in the bathroom! But do not fear! I have not forgotten about this lovely place. I plan on trying to do loads of crafts this coming week! Stay Tuned!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Margarita Bloom Review!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying the cheese dip and finger foods. Go giants ( but only since the Packers did not make it)!!!!

For my birthday I got some new bath products from Margarita Bloom. I got a Goddes Pikake milk bath and some cherry lemonade body glow sugar rub. I have not tried the milk bath yet but the body glow was amazing. It smelt like I was in a cherry limeade slush from sonic, which was amazing. It only took a small scoop to take care of my whole body. I started to rub it on and immediately noted that it was not harsh on the exfoliates, the sugar was very soothing. I rub it over my whole body and washed it off. It left my skin the most amazing silky soft, sort of like soaking in baby oil. The smell lasted for a little bit after my bath which was also very enjoyable. I was very pleased with their product quality. I have very sensitive skin and this product did not irritate it at all.

I also received Aromatic bath salts with Dead sea salts and Lavender oil from my amazing mom. On the back it “ Soak for a while. Rest for some time before proceeding with normal routine.” I got in the bath with a hangover and left it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It was right though I defiantly felt like I needed to lay down when I got out.

Enjoy your sunday! Relax!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Part 2: The amazing meal!!

Today is not a bad day at all. I will get my T.V. back from the repair man, which may not seem like a big deal but it was my first big ticket purchase with my own money, so I am glad they could fix it. Apparently the circuit board wires came unattached. My dad is going to pick it up and then come over and look at my kitchen wall. It has become unattached from ceiling in places about 1/4 of an inch. Hopefully it is nothing serious, but I fear my lovely tiny houses foundation may be settling. Hopefully not though. :0) One should always be optimistic.

Anyways...on to last night’s meal...I woke up looking forward to the leftovers. This is always a good sign. We made Portobello Mushroom Burgers with spicy green sauce and an onion bake with fresh mozzarella. It was amazing and very healthy. We bought only organic or natural things with all the ingredients being something we could pronounce :0) The recipe is courtesy of Rachel Ray. I do not care what anyone says about her, that woman is amazing. My very good friend gave me three R.R. cookbooks for my birthday. I was very appreciative and it was a nice surprise.

1) You start by cutting the stems of four large portabella mushrooms and putting them in a large sauté pan on medium heat with a little bit of EVO (extra virgin olive oil). I used less then what it called for because I was trying to make it as healthy as possible. You let each side cook for about 5 minutes on each side. I seasoned each side with a little sea salt and pepper. Then you turn the tops inside up an cover with balsamic vinegar. Then when the vinegar was almost all evaporated I put fresh mozzarella cheese on top. Then moved it to a cool burner and covered.

2) To make the green sauce. You put basil leaves, parsley leaves, and capers, 1 glove of garlic and lemon juice and chop it up really fine in a food processor. Scrap in to a bowl and then add some evo, sea salt, shredded parmesan cheese and pepper, mix it all together. Slather it on your burger and add onion and lettuce. It was super yummy. However if you are not a garlic lover you may not want to add the whole clove.

3) The onion bake was super good and just things I threw together that needed to be used. I chopped up one red onion and added a little batter and some water and shook it all together in a bag. Then added a little bit of EVO and some sea salt and pepper and put in a glass baking dish. Add some fresh parmesan on the top. It was delicious! I was pleasantly surprised.

The whole meal together was very nice and we shared it with friends :0) A meal is always best when shared with as many people as possible.

For an appetizer I roasted some fresh garlic. It was very delicious. I think garlic is an amazing food, but now I am very paranoid I smell like it. Thanks S.O.! :0)

I love fresh cooked food. If anyone is interested in the exact recipe feel free to email me.

I also talked about some fabric in question for curtains. Here it is: I am still on the fence about it.

I am thinking about making coffee cup cozies tonight! So tune back in and see what happens. Have a very amazing weekend!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Craftyness and an AMAZING, healthy dinner!

Well today was a productive day. I made a planner cover that is very cute if I do say so myself. I also made a healthy dinner that consisted of mushroom burgers and an onion melt. I have decided to only put natural or organic food in to my body and tonight was my first attempt at cooking that way. I thought it was very amazing. I was told today from S.O. (significant other) that if you to eat too much garlic you will start to smell like it. I thought it was interesting that he choose to tell me that while I was munching on a steamed garlic clove, think he was trying to tell me something? Lol :0) I think tomorrow I will make out the weekly meal plan and maybe make some curtains for my kitchen. My mom gave me this hand crafted fabric she got from India. Originally I had no idea what I would do with it. Today it occurred to me that it incorporates both wall colors in my kitchen, so I may make a valance for the small window above my kitchen sink to see how it looks before I make a curtain for the glass door.

Anyways I guess I will post some pictures of the day of fun! I will also include the recipes and instructions for what I made! Hope you enjoy!

1) A picture of the planner before and the colors I choose :0)

My parents gave me the planner because it was the perfect size for my purse!

2)I placed the planner in the middle of two pieces of the purple felt and turned the edges of the felt about half way over the inside of the front and back cover and pinned it there. I sewed about 2 inches from not quite the end of the folded edge ( I did this because I used a decorative stitch around the planner which is showed later.) This will make flaps to hold the planner in place and a nice little felt pockets to hold pieces of paper.

3)Then I used a blanket stich around all the edges of the planner. I do not go all the way to the edge when I stitch the flaps because it make it look mor deocrative, or at least to me.

4) I then cut 20 five-leafed flower petals from the pink felt. I placed them randomly on the cover and sewed them on with embroidery floss. Then I used pink embroidery floss that I used for my blanket stitch to spell out plan on the front.(NOTE: You have to be careful to only sew through the first to layers of felt and not the flaps or you will not be able to get your planner flaps in!) I also put a flower on the front inside flap. I think the finished product is adorable!

I love it! It is defiantly me! Few my darlings that took my longer than expected so I think I will post the amazing meal tomorrow! Stay Tuned!