Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knight of Style 8-10-10

Today was so hot here. I ran errands, made beer marinated pork loin (well techinically its still roasting), and am sitting having a beer with The Favorite. I do not think there is anything better then relaxing after a productive hot day with a good cold beer. Our beer of choice tonight is Blue Moon. We are going on vacation in 5 days and are so excited! We are going to Nashville, TN. We have a lot of great things planned so look forward to those pictures! I also have some DYI planned for when we get back, I am going to try to get one in before we go, but we will see how that goes.

Occasion: Errands, dinner, meeting with friends later
Top: Racer back Victoria's Secret
Slub Vest:Charlotte Ruse
Shorts: Abercrombie
Shoes: Penny Loves Kenny
Accessories: My puppy dog Baby

I really love the detail on the back of this vest. You can throw it over any tank and it makes it an instant outfit. My Babydog decided to join me today, she precious. I Love her with my whole heart. Again since it is so hot I am trying to keep my outfits minimal, it was well over 100 today. These vest and bright colored tank tops have become a regular in my wardrobe right now!

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