Monday, August 23, 2010

Knight of Style- Nashville Day 2

Second Day in Nashville!! The Favorites Birthday!!

Where: Shopping in Opryland, Lunch at White Castle, Sounds Baseball game, drinks at The Bent
What: Tank- Ross
Skirt- Charlotte Russe
Flips- Old Navy
Bracelets- f21
Bag-Old Navy

Second Night was INCREDIBLE...The Favorite had a little to much fun on his birthday so the third day was a recovery day LOL. I really like hair accessories on vacation. I really liked this outfit. Notes on my body and the way I feel to come later. We went shopping at east company trading company and american apparel. Pictures of what I got later. Then we went to a sounds baseball game. I love going places with The Favorite where we can just hang out and chill, relax style.

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