Sunday, August 8, 2010

30 days of abs-first 5 days

5 Days down-25 more to go.
For the first 5 days I have done 100 plain crunches (legs on the couch and raise until you feel abs contract), 50 side crunches (abs on couch and touch left elbow to right leg when you are crunching, and the repeat for the right elbow to left leg), and 50 butterflies (where you make a v with your body, you hold in the spot where you feel your abs contracting and pump your arms up and down to make your abs contract and work to keep you stabilized). I will continue to this for two more days, then I will up it to 100 side crunches and 100 butter flies, 100 crunches, and will add 50 planks. I will take demo picture of all the moves I am doing in the next couple of days. I want to emphasize that this regimen, as well as what I'm doing with my legs and arms was a routine made for my by a personal trainer and a close friend of mine. It is also mixed with 45- to an hour of cardio each day. I take one day off a week from everything.
Here is my first progress picture....WARNING: Bare belly in the following picture.
Not bad for the first weak, I already feel stronger and can tell that my stomach is becoming a little flatter. The goal of the thirty days of abs is to build tone, definition, and strength in a short time. We will see how it goes!!! I am very excited for it. 2010 was the year for fitness so I am trying to achieve that goal.

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