Sunday, September 12, 2010

Knight of Style 9-7-10

I apologize for my absence; vacation, school, organization, and work consumed me for a little bit. I think my system is down pat now, I am going to try and do post the night before and then they will be all ready to go the next day. I have tons of vacation pictures and shopping finds to share with you. I have found a new appreciation for goodwills! Three dollar J.Crew, why yes please :)

I don't know why these are like this but I like it!

                                                         Detail on my shirt:
Where: School
Jeans: Joe's
Shirt: Thrifted
Belt: Vintage (mommy's)
I have to wear pants to school on Tuesday and Thursdays. We are not allowed in lab without them. I really have no idea why, maybe my school is scared our dead specimen will attack our legs? So expect to see lots of pants on these days. I really love all my Joe's jeans, they always fit to perfection. I was feeling simple so the small detail on this shirt fulfilled my needs. This outfit was really comfortable and allowed me to feel pulled together.