Monday, August 23, 2010

Knight of Style- Work Version- 8-23-10

Working for my boss today. Her kiddo is fun but has a very on task imagination, he dreams something up and he wants to play it the whole day! Which is always trying, as my attention span is, sadly, not near as long as his. Since I am a nanny what I wear to work needs to be appropriate, washable, easy to move, and puke proof lol. Since I was at my bosses ( the person who runs the service I work for) it needed to be super appropriate and pink (our services color).

Where: Work
What:Top- J.Crew
Tank-Victoria Secret
Bracelet-Vintage (mommy)

I was super hot and frustrated by the time I got home to take these. It was hot outside (106), hot in my house, took my an hour and a half to take what should have been a 15 min trip home, and I was very ready to be home. So I tried my best to grin a bear it...but this is was my actual mood...

Nothing fixes a bad day like a good glass of red wine! Courtesy of Keg Springs in Nashville. I like this shirt, it has a little interest to it but is still a tee, and at the end of the day I am a tee shirt and jeans/ shorts kind of girl. Stay tuned for my Nashville buy and finds a long with vacation photos and a recap of the BBQ tour.

Knight of Style- Blurry- 8-21-10

Sorry for the quality of these pictures. They were taken with my blackberry. The camera died at the wedding we were attending and of course this was the one day we decided not to take pictures before we left! Cracks me up how it always works out that way. So again I apologize for the quality of these pictures. I love this dress, but again on this occasion I just do not love these pictures.

Where: Wedding
What: Dress- bb dakota
bracelets-vintage and what's in store (Nashville find)

Here is an out take photo for ya: I started to walk as he snapped the photo

He was reminding me I needed shoes.

Here is what the Favorite wore:

Ugh, So handsome!

And a close up:

And here is a cute picture of the happy couple:

Here dress was phenomenal, the wedding was beyond amazing and I think they had the best food I have ever had at a wedding. We all enjoyed ourselves. God bless and best wishes to the happy couple.

Knight of Style-Memphis day 5

I skipped day four because we were having some alone time in the room and then rushed around to get ready and go to Franklin and the wine trail. The Favorite was such a good sport when we went shopping in Franklin. It was the cutest little town ever Somewhere we could see ourselves living. Day Five was in Memphis. I wore a dress bought the day before. I am going to take this time to talk about my body and how I feel about it. I feel like my body is strong, but huge, I have body dysmorphic disorder. I see this girl, especially in the outfit I wore today, and while i felt pretty in it, looking at the picture i just felt like a HOUSE. I did not follow a diet or workout on vacation which probably contributed to this feeling. I know the only way to overcome Body Dysmorphic disorder is to work to be okay with yourself. I dealt with eating disorders in both forms and have vowed never to go that route again. These picture sure did not make me like myself. I feel as if I have cellulite all over my body, and the picture are about to follow just did not help with that feeling. I want to be okay with myself, I want to feel like I am beautiful and that my insides match my outsides. To do this I am restarting my thirty days of abs, I am getting back on the right track of what i put into my body (which is not that hard) after vacation. I am hitting the reset button in hopes i never have to see another picture like this again. So without further ado, here are the awful pictures....

Where: Memphis Zoo and a BBQ tour
What: Dress-Firefly
Ring-What's In store
(Both bought in Nashville)
Flops-Old Navy
Purse-Old Navy
I HATE these pictures. I will get the dress tailored so that it fits better on the top. That was my train of thought when i both it. The details on it and price made it to hard to pass up. I really do love this dress and I love the way it made me feel while i was wearing it, just don't like the way I came across in these pictures. I normally feel confident and just did not once i saw these. Again I will not let these get me down, I will just do something about it. That being said...This guy makes me feel like a million...even on the days i do not want too.

Thanks for that Babe.

Knight of Style- Nashville Day 4

Day 3 was a recovery day, the only time we left the room was to eat. The Favorite was recovering from his birthday festivities and being reminded of just how much fun he had. We enjoyed our relaxed day. Day four of vacation we were ready to get out and experience Tennessee again! It was so humid on this day you can actually see it in the photos. I kind of like it!!

Where: Jack Daniels distillery, Green Hills mall, Carabas for dinner, Loser (bar)
What: Top-Victoria Secret
Shorts- f21
earrings-bought the day before at trading company

We went to the Jack Daniels distillery, I LOVE going to places like this the with The Favorite. We held hands and learned tons the whole tour. Then we went to the mall where I got great discounts at J.Crew (pictures to come later), and the best dinner at Carabas. I had the most amazing meal ever, plus it was ten dollar off bottle of wine Wednesday, so we had a great bottle of wine. Then we went to this cute little bar called losers and set on the patio and watched it rain. I loved this vacation.

Knight of Style- Nashville Day 2

Second Day in Nashville!! The Favorites Birthday!!

Where: Shopping in Opryland, Lunch at White Castle, Sounds Baseball game, drinks at The Bent
What: Tank- Ross
Skirt- Charlotte Russe
Flips- Old Navy
Bracelets- f21
Bag-Old Navy

Second Night was INCREDIBLE...The Favorite had a little to much fun on his birthday so the third day was a recovery day LOL. I really like hair accessories on vacation. I really liked this outfit. Notes on my body and the way I feel to come later. We went shopping at east company trading company and american apparel. Pictures of what I got later. Then we went to a sounds baseball game. I love going places with The Favorite where we can just hang out and chill, relax style.

Knight of Style: Nashville Day 1

Hi Guys!! I am back from a wonderful birthday vacation with the favorite. We had a wonderful time and did lots of amazing things!!!

Where: First night in Nashville...our for a dinner at Brewhouse 100 and then out in Opryland.
What: Dress-f21
Flower-self made
earrings-gift from mommy

This was our first night in Nashville. We arrived around four and checked into the wonderful Hyatt Place. We had a beautiful room with a beautiful view. We got dressed and went to eat and Brewhouse 100. Anyone visiting or living in Nashville, I highly recommend this place. The food was amazing and the beet selection was even better. We sampled tons of great beet. Then we relocated to an irish pub on 12th street. Our bartender was amazing and we had a great first night.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Knight of Style 8-10-10

Today was so hot here. I ran errands, made beer marinated pork loin (well techinically its still roasting), and am sitting having a beer with The Favorite. I do not think there is anything better then relaxing after a productive hot day with a good cold beer. Our beer of choice tonight is Blue Moon. We are going on vacation in 5 days and are so excited! We are going to Nashville, TN. We have a lot of great things planned so look forward to those pictures! I also have some DYI planned for when we get back, I am going to try to get one in before we go, but we will see how that goes.

Occasion: Errands, dinner, meeting with friends later
Top: Racer back Victoria's Secret
Slub Vest:Charlotte Ruse
Shorts: Abercrombie
Shoes: Penny Loves Kenny
Accessories: My puppy dog Baby

I really love the detail on the back of this vest. You can throw it over any tank and it makes it an instant outfit. My Babydog decided to join me today, she precious. I Love her with my whole heart. Again since it is so hot I am trying to keep my outfits minimal, it was well over 100 today. These vest and bright colored tank tops have become a regular in my wardrobe right now!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

30 days of abs-first 5 days

5 Days down-25 more to go.
For the first 5 days I have done 100 plain crunches (legs on the couch and raise until you feel abs contract), 50 side crunches (abs on couch and touch left elbow to right leg when you are crunching, and the repeat for the right elbow to left leg), and 50 butterflies (where you make a v with your body, you hold in the spot where you feel your abs contracting and pump your arms up and down to make your abs contract and work to keep you stabilized). I will continue to this for two more days, then I will up it to 100 side crunches and 100 butter flies, 100 crunches, and will add 50 planks. I will take demo picture of all the moves I am doing in the next couple of days. I want to emphasize that this regimen, as well as what I'm doing with my legs and arms was a routine made for my by a personal trainer and a close friend of mine. It is also mixed with 45- to an hour of cardio each day. I take one day off a week from everything.
Here is my first progress picture....WARNING: Bare belly in the following picture.
Not bad for the first weak, I already feel stronger and can tell that my stomach is becoming a little flatter. The goal of the thirty days of abs is to build tone, definition, and strength in a short time. We will see how it goes!!! I am very excited for it. 2010 was the year for fitness so I am trying to achieve that goal.

Knight of Style- 8-6-2010

IT IS FINALLY THE WEEKEND! I had an amazing Friday, went out with the Favorite for a night on the town. We had a great time, even though it is as hot as hades around here right now!

Where: A night on the town
Sunnies: Vintage Ray-Bans
Top: Old Navy
Shorts: Abercrombie
Sandals: Impo

It was a glorious night, full of friends and pool. I feel like this outfit was very dressed down. I let the sandals and beading on the shirt be the standout of this outfit. It has been hot down here so I like to wear as little as possible. I am getting very excited about vacay, we are going to Nashville for the favorites birthday. We have lots of exciting things planned! T-minus seven days until we are on our way!

Knight of Style- 8-5-2010

I hurt my leg working out this week. So for the first of the week I did not get dressed, tried my best not to walk, and did everything I had to do from my couch or bed. I did however keep up with my ab look forward to that post in just a little bit! When I was finally feeling better the Favorite took me out to eat and for a few beers! Best ending to the week!

Where: Fox and the Hound for dinner and beer
Shorts: Forever 21
Bracelets: Forever 21
Shoes: Usaa

I absolutely adore this shirt. It can be worn in so many different ways. You can wear it on your arm, off your arm, you can wear the sleeve or not wear the sleeve, belt it, let it flow. I am totally in love. The colors, the cut, everything just spoke to me. I still highly recommend you check SuperStar clothing out!  The Favorite took me to eat at Fox and the Hound, which is a local pub here. We shared a great dinner and had some great beer. It was a fantastic night.
P.S.- Sorry for the lack luster photos.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Etsy Spotlight: Superstar Clothing

Etsy Spotlight: Superstar Clothing

I am enamored by this girls creativity, quality, and clothing. Everything in her store is handmade by her. She is 24 and has been highlighted in fashion week for the past three years. Right now she is having a back to school sale so check her out!

My most recent purchase from her!
I immediately feel in love with this blouse. The flowy and drapey nature of it, and it's perfect placement across the collar bone. I can not wait for it to arrive!
Seriously considering buying this dress! It is impeccably tailored and could be styled in fantastic ways.The perfect dress for a party or school!
Incredibly fun skirt! The detail and craftsmanship is amazing! Think of all the fun ways you could style this!
This dress is perfect for the fall!!

So cute! Perfect for school or a party!Such a fun little dress! Would make a statement!

 This is just a small sampling of options off her etsy site. She has many more fantastic pieces so be sure to check her out!