Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Disappointment and great deals

I was over joyed yesterday when I arrived home and saw i had a package from JCPenny waiting for me. I had ordered some stuff for my mom and myself. I was overjoyed because in that box was the much anticipated denim legging ( posted about here ). I ordered the leggings in black but alas it was not meant to be, almost none of the items were. I had ordered four tops, a white wrap cardigan, and a purple short sleeved cardigan. The leggings were far too big, as well as all the tops, and the purple cardigan. I took them back to the catalog section of JCP and they reordered what they had in stock. Three of the tops are now ordered and on their way to me :)
Here is what I kept out of the original order:

(this cardigan in ivorym and this lace tank)

Things the reordered in the correct size:

(this shirt in a brint bluw, colorblock tee, ruffled top in a royal puprle)

Items that I got with the giftcard for my other return:

I got my dad a navy sweatshirt (not pictured) and....

( Bomber jacket, denimn leggings, puprle v-neck sweater)

All the items pictures above are available at JCPenny.I saw the Bomber Jacket and feel in love. It has rave reviews about the fit. It was only left in small and large. I opted for the small. I hope it fits.

I first ordered the a.n.a. denim leggings in a black size medium. They were to large so i decided to re order the denim leggings in the dark blue handwash, size small. I saw this sweater and it was on sale. I am trying to add more vivid color to my wardrobe. I am also a suck for v-neck, over-sized sweater because you can always wear them off the shoulder too.

Next my mom and I sat down and looked at vest options from Bebe. I value my mom's opinion very much. She bring insight that I sometimes over look. Here is what we opted for.

(Feather Vest- $39.99, Fringe Vest-$29.99)

I had spotted the fringe vest earlier this week and it was still on my mind. I tried a similar vest on at the mall, but it lacked the sparkle of this one. In the end i decided this one was a better fit.

While looking at vest we came across this feathered vest. The price was a little more than we wanted to spend, but neither one of us could get it off our minds so we ended up going back and purchasing it. I am really excited too see what it can be paired with.

Lastly, I came to a very important decision. I decided to use my macy's giftcard ($100, courteously of credit card rewards), towards a pair of black Joe's skinny jeans. I tried them on earlier in the year when I bought the dark blue version, and they have been on my want wish forever. I used the giftcard and the promo code MACYSFF, which is free shipping on over $100 and 20% off. Which means these babies cost me at total of $43 dollars.

Expect to see these appear a lot as soon as Outfit Post start :)

For those of you that have not tried out Joe's jeans I suggest you do. I have a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and dark blue bootcut. They are very form fitting and are the perfect length for the taller girl. I will admit I like the more then my sevens.

I am done shopping. I will spend no more until thrift shopping in Wisconsin and New York!!! I am very excited with all my early Christmas presents! Thank you Mom and Dad.
I am dreaming up outfits and possibilities in my head to do with all of this. How would guys pair the feather vest? I am interested to hear :)

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