Friday, December 4, 2009

Enough Already

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! That's what I had to scream at myself last night. Apparently I am what you would call a stress shopper. Finals and the workload from them have made me splurge a wee little too much. I have had enough and had to tell myself ENOUGH!!!
The last of my purchases....
One last one to say goodbye...
I went late night etsy shopping.

The blouse and the dress were $15, and the cardigan was....$48. I know......but it is really killer and very much so my style. She threw in free shipping if I purchased all three. After some tossing and turning and not being able to get any of these items out of my mind I decided to go for it. The dress reminds me of a watercolor painting. The blouse has amazing detail. The cardigan screams me and reminds me of Christmas. I am really excited about these items.

I decided to do one last late night procrastination etsy glance over before I checked out and found this baby:

This baby is from She's Fancy Vintage

This was another purchase I mulled over. It was $18. I looked at all the pictures trying to see if I could figure out how to make a replica of it but alas no solution was found. After coming up with a list of at least a dozen outfist I could wear this with I decided to go for it. 
I think this would look amazing with jeans and any tee!

Lastly I came across this cute charm and new it would make a perfect necklace:

$4.50, from Charmsgalore.

That is it! No more shopping. There is no way it is even a remote possibility for you to take your whole closet with you to WI. I think I am treating my clothes like my armor for meeting all these new and exciting people from the bf fam!!

Come back later and I am going to post some more goodies that arrived in the mail and some creative storage ideas.

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