Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vacation Pt. 2- Wisconsion

Here is another batch of vacation pictures. Wisconsin was amazing. AMAZING!!! I ate so much was good. I normally do not eat a ton of meat so my body did not however agree that this was amazing. It was such a pretty place.

(giving out some love, Triceratops, Dead Guy)

Okay here is a side note before the next set of pictures....i LOVE butterflies....I am a biology major and they amaze me....i LOVE imagine my excitment when we stumble upon.....

A LIVE BUTTERFLY GARDEN!!!!! Okay I am done now.

The boy took all of these. Major props! Kisses babe :)

( The beard chronicales, i LOVE this picture a ton, University of White Water )

So pretty! love all these pictures!

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