Friday, January 8, 2010

Knight of Style- In Action

Hey guys! So I was not totally in love with my shirt today, but I LOVE the jewlery I chose. This outfit was absolutely all about the jewlery. My kiddo is in all the is easier to just let her get her star time in rather than trying to keep her at bay. Most of these shots are action shots because of it. She is such a gorgeous kid....just so you guys know her name is Baby and she is AWESOME!!!

(why hello gorgeous puppy)

(the boy calls this one her demon dog look...)


(alright I give in)

(aghhhhh....(this is my straining to stay still))

(family portrait)

Shirt: Mossimo
Leggings: Mary Kate and Ashley for JCPenny
Pearl Necklace: Vintage
Pocket Watch Necklace: finkgifts
Boots: Aldo

This outfit definitely had to be about warmth and function. I had both my families today, which is unusual, this meant I had to dress for both toddlers and a very hormone intense eleven year old. All in all I really wanted to show case the necklaces and feel like that was achived. I started the day wearing my black leggings but that got "snow" (powdered sugar) on them from decorating ginger bread houses.
Just so you guys can get a little glimpse into my day:

(playing with whatever he found in the back seat (age 3))

(mad gingerbread making skills)

(a little lunchtime pass out)

(some ice cream making)

(a little fun with slides (age 19 months))

I get to deal with that much cuteness everyday....well okay they are not always cute. Conversation I had today with the three year he is sitting on the toilet going number 2...
"Nikki I am going to sit here until mama gets home-B
That's a long time B. May I ask why?-me
Because I want her to know I went in the potty- B
We can just tell her B-me
NU-UH I want her to know I DID THIS....this could have come from anybody Nikki (insert eye rolling at me here)-B"
I love there makes my day better! Hope everybody has an amazing weekend :)

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