Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 is the year for....

Healthy eating and living

I know this is a common goal amongst everyone when a new year starts. It however holds a special place in my heart. I used to be able to run for hours and it was not big deal. Since I am not in high school anymore and track is not on the daily schedule it has fallen by the way side and I want it to come back. So it is my goal this year to run and enjoy it. To be able to run and my body to hold out and enjoy it. I do not really want lose weight, or have drastic changes, my main goal is to make my body happy on the inside instead of all icked and stressed out. Cardio, in any form, makes my day better and I want to make sure it is more consistent this year.

Another thing I would like to accomplish is not just for me. Yes I would like to cook in more and try out cooking different types of cuisine. It is also to show the boy that vegetable taste bad and meat should be in every meal is a myth. You can have a meal that includes vegetable as the main dish and it be delicious. I think maybe trying things that I make (either out of guilt because I made them or because he really wants to, either really works for me :) hehehe) will maybe dismiss that view. Just not having such a heavy dose of meat would make me a happy camper....I am a girl and that does not make my insides all excited. Cooking two meals so we are both happy seems silly though. So this is my solution :) Hope the boy approves as it was not run by him :)

Using break to *gasp* study

I know this does not seem huge. I am almost done with school....sooooo soooo close. I have decided that since life does not stop just because I have a test. It would be better if I used my hour breaks during the school day going over notes from the previous class, instead of shopping or going to starbucks. Yes that is right s-bucks and I have to partially break up for the sake of school. I figure if I do this it will be less time cramming studying right before the test.

Crafting and Sewing

I love to sew and craft things. This year I would like to complete at least two or more a month and of course blog about them. I want my life to reflect me and my abilities more.

I would also like to keep my buying more in the vintage and handmade area. I have made a lot of great purchases on Etsy and never been disappointed. Most of the pieces I have purchased have been no more then what I would spend at a store and been tailored to my body and taste. I like the feeling of funding someone’s art and lifestyle. I am sure I will still have purchases from the big stores too, but I would like to try to keep it to a minimum.

Less complaining and more going with the flow

This one is a personal one. I complain all the time, I try not to out loud but that does not keep me from doing it to myself and I HATE IT! I want this to stop. I think the negative tones create anxiety in some situations that do not need to be there. I want to stop this from happening and get it into check now. I am grateful for my life and feel blessed to have everyone I know in it. Some of the people I know and places I go are truly beautiful. There is no need to have a negative view or flow. I should not complain to others or MYSELF. I need to banish that because it kind of negates my graciousness and that is not what I want. I want my life and views to have a positive and colorful outlook and tone. In order to achieve this I am writing down one thing I am grateful for that day. It can be a person, an event that happened, anything that is relevant to that day. Then the next day whenever my inner brain starts to complain I am going to repeat my grateful thought from the day before. Re-train my brain to go with the flow and be grateful no matter what situation I am thrown into. Nobody needs a negative Nancy around, so I will not become one!

Blogging and Picture Taking

I want this to be there year of pictures. I want to have tons. I am expecting many great things out of this year and what to document the process to attain this and to capture the unexpected great things that are sure to happen along the way.

I also want to blog more often. At least three to four post a week, two or three of which being outfit post. Taking picture of myself on vacation really inspired me to pair things I normally would not and to shop the items I already had. I like the idea of being inspired by what I already own. I also think it is a good way to refine and really home in on my style.

These are my resolutions! I hope to accomplish them all and will share my journey along the way.

What are your new year’s resolutions?

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