Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So EXCITED for this new start!

Okay first and for most I would like to apologize for me absence. Life as a upper classmen has been way to crazy. I transferred from a public university to a private one and the workload has been a drastic change, so it took a little getting used to. I think I will survive and come out at an even kill, not where I would have liked, but it was a learning experience for next semester. I defiantly will be better prepared!

On a different note, I have been debating whether or not if I wanted to change the focus of this blog to also include fashion post. This is something I would really like to do, but am a little self conscious. I am working on getting over it and am anticipation adding daily style post soon.
I would like to share my favorite style bloggers with you; these girls are truly amazing and inspiring.

Adored Austin -Indiana is defiantly one of my top favorites. She is hilarious and has amazing style. Her style is truly inspiring and I love the way she shows you and challenge you to use the everyday in a new manner. Her use of belts and purse straps as necklace is absolutely genius. She has really amazing variety of content. She is most definitely not a one trick pony…I don’t know what the opposite of a one trick pony would be but she would be it….maybe a My Little Pony?? Indiana addresses life as something to accessorize and enjoy and I LOVE that!

Jen Loves Kev -I have to vote Jen the cutest blogger on the planet! Her style is so elegantly casual. I love the way she puts the unexpected together. She inspires me hit the vintage racks and over look any minor details that can be fixed. She looks amazing every day and does not spend a fortune on it. She is GENUIS in my opinion. Enough said  She also shares delicious recipes, a few of which I have tried. She also makes amazing brooches and jewelry. I look forward to her updating her etsy shop so I can snatch up some of the cuteness. I also really admire her dedication to fashion, her job and her life.

Blue Collar Catwalk - This was the first fashion blog I saved to my favorites. I love her style and how she recreates new ways to wear things. She gives me such great ideas to make the pieces I already own look new. Her style has a definite casual perfection going on which can be hard to achieve. She has just started sharing her husband’s ugly sweater series which I LOVE! It is awesome. Her blog post are always fun and make me smile. I really look forward to seeing what she puts together each day.

The Budget Babe - She offers cheap finds and dress by numbers. I cannot tell you how many great deal I have gotten because of her. Her dress by numbers are always inspiring a feature low cost options to the celebs more expensive choices. Sometimes I feel like she is reading my mind because I will get on and she will have a budget friendly version of a piece I have been wanting for a while.

Style Sophisticate -I found Tiffany through the America’s Most Stylish Blogger Challenge on Bluefly. She is amazing. I want to own every pair of her shoes. She could defiantly dress me every day and I would not mind at all. She never posses in the same way and puts a lot of effort into her photo sessions. I am obsessed with the way she mixed a fur vest with a bright purple dress. The length of the vest mixed with the vividness of the dress. Genius!

Orchid Grey - She is perfection. Her hair is perfection. Her style is eclectic perfection. I want to live in her closet. I love her hair. It is AMAZING! She mixes color and patterns effortlessly. I totally stole the idea to belt scarves from her, and I love it.

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