Monday, November 30, 2009

Make-up Madness

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. Mine was full of lots of families, food, and pie. Who could ask for anything more?

So like I mentioned before I am going out of town for Christmas and will be away from my parents for the first time ever on a holiday. This event is causing my mother to rain Christmas present down on me and early, because she wants to me to have everything I need for my trip. A girl cannot complain about this. Not only is my mother an exquisite, awesome mom, but she has fairly amazing taste. So I thought I would share the goodies as they came. This weekends goodies were all in the form of make-up. I am now set for life in the eye shadow department....or at least the next year LOL :)

Goodie box one contained.........
12 MAC pigment eye shadows
(from left to right...cream cocoa,sand, pink pearl, swirl, passionate, rate r, aquadisiac, electric eel, nocturnelle, parfait armour, grey, monte black)


And a bonus lip gloss :)

( It is the most gorgeous understated shade of pink, with a divine sweet tart taste and smell)
Package number two contained.......
A ton of MAC hello kitty products.

  ( two 12 palettes, a 9 palette, a 8 palette, a 5 palette, a single (not shown because I left it at the bf house, its a shimmery swirl pink), and two lip glasses. )
                      I am in love with the pink lipglass, its very me. The eyeshadow not pictured is a perfect shimmery pink. It was exactly what I was looking for, my mom can read minds :)
I will probably share one of the eye palettes and the dark lipglass with my mom, since she was so giving to me it would be nice to give a little back. I am not sure how big she is on glitter though.
Package number three contained.....
Smashbox and hardcandy products

( blush is bella by smashbox, eye shadow quad in allure also by smashbox, and a hard candy fortune telling lipgloss in blackberry)

The lip gloss is wonderfully transparent while adding color and plumping your lips a little. I have not tried the blush yet but wanted to try a new one (again my mom is a mind reader). Right now I use smashbox o-glow and it is astounding. It is very easy to apply and turns the most natural shade of pink.
I have no idea what I will do with all the shades of eye shadow, any suggestions?
I give a big THANK YOU to my mom. She again went above and beyond. I got her a ton of clothes from JCPenny. So hopefully she will feel equally as blessed :)

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