Thursday, November 26, 2009

Early Christmas

Early Christmas

I am not going to be here for Christmas, first time ever I will not be with my family. I am going to Wisconsin to meet all the bf family. So my mom is going a little overboard on the early Christmas gifts. I am definitely a mama and daddy’s girl, if that is possible. I call my mom a bizzilion times a day. Wisconsin will definitely be a learning experience since I have never been away from my animals or my parents for this long. Enough about my anxiety though, I would like to share some of the great scores my mom got me. She has great taste, I got very lucky to have a mom like her.

Side note: I get to do a bunch of vintage and thrift shopping on the way to WI and on the way back. The bf’s mom is a genius thrift shopper, so I am definitely excited to see her approach. I will share my finds along the way ☺

Since some of the items have not come yet so I will post pictures when they do. My mom is a genius when it comes to fashion and spoiling her daughter. I am so glad I am an only child!

On Monday my mom asked me to meet her at DSW where she got me ( the straightner was a trip next door to ulta)

1) a pair of thight high boots
2) a pair of snow boots so my feet wont get cold in WI. ( I will take a better picture of these)
She had also previously ordered me a pair of black boots from VS. They just barley come over my knee. Here is a picture of both the knee high and the thigh high.

( I have not decided if I am going to keep the VS boots yet or not...I already have a pair of mid calf black boots, these do look really cute scrunched though)
Here is a picture of the knee highs turned down with the bottom half of my dress for an upcoming wedding

( I promise to update this post with better pictures soon, these were taken from my blackberry)
I was excited about all the new shoes, which would be enough for any girl for chistmas. However my mom countinues with the madness.
She ordered me a pair of bootcute Joe's Jeans. (For thoose of you who have not tried Joe's Jeans, I suggest you do. They are incredibly comfortable and do not loose their shape in between washes.) The whole line of discontinued Hello Kitty collection from MAC. 12 pigmated eyeshadows from MAC. Some demin leggings and tops from JCPenny. Two Lauren Moshi tees ( again for anyone who has not tried Lauren Moshi on I suggest you do, she makes the worlds most comfortable t-shirt. You can find them pretty cheap on ebay.). An ivory wrap sweater. And my favorite....MATTE nailpolish. I can not wait for everything to arrive for me to show you.
I am not so sure how I feel about this whole denim legging thing...
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My mom got me this pair from JCPenny in the dark wash.

I am hoping that they are like really comfortable skinny jeans. I for some reason could not get these pictures side by side. They should be here soon and I will share my thoughts then ☺

Happy thanksgiving!!

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