Friday, February 1, 2008

Craftyness and an AMAZING, healthy dinner!

Well today was a productive day. I made a planner cover that is very cute if I do say so myself. I also made a healthy dinner that consisted of mushroom burgers and an onion melt. I have decided to only put natural or organic food in to my body and tonight was my first attempt at cooking that way. I thought it was very amazing. I was told today from S.O. (significant other) that if you to eat too much garlic you will start to smell like it. I thought it was interesting that he choose to tell me that while I was munching on a steamed garlic clove, think he was trying to tell me something? Lol :0) I think tomorrow I will make out the weekly meal plan and maybe make some curtains for my kitchen. My mom gave me this hand crafted fabric she got from India. Originally I had no idea what I would do with it. Today it occurred to me that it incorporates both wall colors in my kitchen, so I may make a valance for the small window above my kitchen sink to see how it looks before I make a curtain for the glass door.

Anyways I guess I will post some pictures of the day of fun! I will also include the recipes and instructions for what I made! Hope you enjoy!

1) A picture of the planner before and the colors I choose :0)

My parents gave me the planner because it was the perfect size for my purse!

2)I placed the planner in the middle of two pieces of the purple felt and turned the edges of the felt about half way over the inside of the front and back cover and pinned it there. I sewed about 2 inches from not quite the end of the folded edge ( I did this because I used a decorative stitch around the planner which is showed later.) This will make flaps to hold the planner in place and a nice little felt pockets to hold pieces of paper.

3)Then I used a blanket stich around all the edges of the planner. I do not go all the way to the edge when I stitch the flaps because it make it look mor deocrative, or at least to me.

4) I then cut 20 five-leafed flower petals from the pink felt. I placed them randomly on the cover and sewed them on with embroidery floss. Then I used pink embroidery floss that I used for my blanket stitch to spell out plan on the front.(NOTE: You have to be careful to only sew through the first to layers of felt and not the flaps or you will not be able to get your planner flaps in!) I also put a flower on the front inside flap. I think the finished product is adorable!

I love it! It is defiantly me! Few my darlings that took my longer than expected so I think I will post the amazing meal tomorrow! Stay Tuned!

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