Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 for 30 1-4-11

Today was a little stressful. I got some really bad news. I think out justice system is really perverse, people do bad things to you and the prosecution system only goes after the one that did the "bader" thing. Their words not mine. That is so frustrating. I was trying not to feel victimized but that is really hard. So frustrated. I was in the worst mood after I heard all this, but someone near and dear to me put a smile on my face and  heart! Again sorry for the picture vomit. My dog made a cameo and I needed to show off her fantasticness and cuteness.

Where: Meeting and errands
What: Top-F21
Jeans- AG
Cuff-Vintage from a dear friend
Blazer- Ralph Lauren (borrowed from my mom)
Boots- White Mountain (DSW)

I love the way the boots and blazer looked together! Today is ending in smiles so that makes it a good one :)
A giveaway is coming your way so stay tuned!

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