Monday, September 19, 2011

Missoni For Target

I got to target a little after 8:30, which is bright and early for me, and by that time the store was already cleared out. With all the hype target did for this release you would think they would have been stocked appropriately. From what I could see the women's line was disappointing, there was no men's clothing left and the kid's line was ADORABLE. I was blessed my target still had a bunch of shoes left, in odd sizes but plenty left.

Women's line (what was left):

This was all that was left 30 mins after opening. I was not mesmerized with anything I saw.


The boots went home with me in a size that fit. They also had some flats left in size 11 and 12 but I cannot get the picture to load.


The kids line had plenty left. They were so adorable! If i had kids they would totally be sporting the cute coat and orange ensemble. 

Home Good's:

There was also some bedding and vases but again I am having problem uploading the pictures. I was not thrilled with any of what was left in the home goods department. The bedding all seemed very dorm roomesque. 

Needless to say I was not thrilled with what I saw, I am sure that some of the items had their charm. Target should have been more prepared and stocked for this lines release. I am a little disappointed, but still have my love affair with target :)


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