Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Knight of Style 2-2-10

So I finally got around to teaching myself how to take pictures of myself. Do no let me fool you though, not all of these were taking by me. After taking my batch by myself I thought some more full body shots were needed. So I enlisted one of my friends to help. I love my friends, they are such good sports about taking pictures. I take tons of pictures every time we go out, and will retake them until i am satisfied. Like i said they are good sports :)

Where to: Dinner at prohibition room with my favorite guy.
Top: American Eagle
Jeans: Joe's Jeans
Hair Clip: DIY
Braclet: Forever 21
Shoes: MIA in these pictures, but they were black boots

I had a freind stop by for a little bit of late birthday wishes. Then my favorite guy came and picked me up for some dinner at the prohibiton room. It was a great dinner of sandwhiches and drinks. Then I came home and watched My Life as Liz. Love that show, she cracks me up. 

P.V. and I ate dinner.
Z and I ( he is the one that took my extra pictures )


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Isn't it hard to take pictures of yourself? I am still learning, but it took for forever just to realize the tri-pod stretches out ot be as tall as me... yeah I am so oblivious sometimes. LOL

Your outfit is cute and I am so glad to read you had a great night. I love My Life As Liz too! She is adorable.

Much love,


nikatknight said...

Thank you so much! Your comments mean a lot to me. Taking pictures is hard...i have a setting where it will take a group of pictures at once but none of their delays are the same so it is like a big guessing game. Is it going to take it? and the minute i move or make a weird face it takes it.
I still enlist the help of any freinds that wander into my house during picture taking time :)