Friday, March 21, 2008


My windows are cold and lonely! So i decded I would make them some curtains. ( Yes my blinds are dog jumps all over them :0( )

At first I thought I would use the red and brow fabric

But then it dawned on me that green would look much better! I decided to make these roman shade style. Here are the steps
1) measure the length on the inside of your window and add five inches. Measure the width fromt he inside of the window and add and two inches. Cut a piece of your front and lining with these deminsions.
2) sew and 1/4 inch seam with wrong sides together ( only sew the bottom and the sides). Clip and turn out. Then PRESS ( THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)
3) Get a 1/2 inch mounting board cut to fit the inside of your window.
4) Measure and mark a line five inches from each side and one in the middle with dress makers chalk.Continue this all the way down the fabric. Yor last one should end up eight inches from the
top and bottom. I messed up on this somewhere and mine was only five inches fromt he bottom.

5) Then sew plastic circular ring on each mark. Make sure all your rings get sewn each way.

6)Pre-drill three holes in your mounting board and then staple the fabric to the mounting board. 7) Attach o-shaped screws behind the predrilled holes.

8) String a sturdy string or rope through the each plastic piece. and through all three o screws. Braid the end strings together. This will be what you pull on the get blinds to go up

9) Rip a little hole in the bottom of the blinds and slip in a metal dowel rod, sew the slit back up.
10) Hang your curtains and enjoy!!

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